Don’t ask me to help & then completely ignore…


So, I find myself very loosely tied to another political campaign but may withdraw any form of participation unless the candidate acknowledges the perfectly reasonable advice I’ve given & valid questions I’ve asked. Also, I let the editor of a online only local news publication know that this person is trying to run a write in campaign, and he was nice enough to email the
candidate & offered to run a campaign announcement for this dude, & instead of welcoming the free press, he commented on the geographical demographic targets of the news publication didn’t directly serve the areas within the gerrymandered legislative district he is trying to win. Additionally, I suggested that the candidate may want to contact EqualityPA and apply for their endorsement because they know how to effectively employ social media & treat candidates they endorse well, but he ignored & didn’t even acknowledge my suggestion. It’s not like I asked him to parade around in rainbow-striped assless chaps…


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