addictive behavior, possible adult adhd, sleep deprivation, chronic punctuality problems


I was over an hour late to work today and I didn’t have a good explanation…I’m glad my boss didn’t ask me why I was late because the truth would be rather disappointing…Assuming that it’s a bonafide affliction, which I suspect it is, I think it’s rather likely that I have some degree of this in addition of course to all the other things that are wrong with me both physical and psychological in nature. I know I should being seeing a psychologist &/or therapist regularly, but it’s difficult enough to find time in my schedule to go to my psychiatrist appointments, especially since he doesn’t offer appointments after 4:30 p.m. and often the cutoff is earlier than that. Anyway, I’m currently addicted to taking trivia quizzes on FunTrivia and have also been quite obsessed with Flight of the Conchords and tweaking the layouts of my 3 non-political blogs and tweeting from both twitter accounts. Right now my body is tired, I can feel it…But part of me doesn’t want to go to sleep because I just keep thinking about the other things that I could be doing instead of sleeping. This habit of staying up to aimlessly wander the internet needs to stop. And here’s a novel idea: when I’m at work, I should focus on working not doing other stuff like composing multiple choice trivia quizzes.