i’m struggling, trying with all my might not to be upset, irritated etc…


my son just returned to pennsylvania from a month with his dad on the west coast—-i’m glad to have him home, that’s not what’s ticking me off…his stepmother sent me a 5-paged single spaced email w/ all of her observations and all her “recommendations” as to what treatment he needs etc. most of the things she said we already knew, many of her “tips” were things we already did…my son was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum last year and it so happens that her son has aspergers and so i know she’s had experience w/ specialists and what not but honestly, couldn’t she have waited a day? doesn’t she know that my little boy is going to be upset for a few days (minimum) because he misses his father—he needs to recover a little from the heartache, and i want to be there for him as much as i can because his heartache becomes my heartache so i’m sad too, so the first thing she does is send me a fucking novel via email…and for whatever reason, she wrote the email and forwarded it to my ex-husband and he forwarded it to me & my husband while cc-ing her, which just seems like a lot of work for no purpose, other than to possibly make it seem like he wrote the email instead of her (?) whatever…even if somehow miraculously he authored that email (which he didn’t) i’d still be pissed off and i’d still be mad and insulted…


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