next week…


next week the world campus summer semester starts and littlekidbot turns 7! changes are on the horizon…

when i moved out to PA, it was meant to be temporary, i certainly didn’t plan to be here 5 years later…and when we moved into this miserable apartment in 2012, we didn’t plan on being here until 2015…yet here we are…at least i know that we will be moving to a nicer apartment in the next county over soon if all goes well…

re my previous post about the copy machine: i did buy a laser all in one printer and the copy machine has been replaced, however everyone has been having trouble with the new machine. i have not used it at all because i don’t want to break it. i am avoiding using it at all costs. as frustrated with my job as i can get sometimes, i need this job and i’d like to make it past 6/18/15 because this will be the first real job (i don’t count my community college student part time job) that i’ve stayed at for over 3 years.

the past few days at work i’ve been going on linkedin and trying to make as many “connections” as possible, in hopes that maybe the network i build will eventually help me get back home to the sfbayarea….it was weird finding people that i haven’t seen in like 17 years that may not even remember me…

i can’t believe i’m 33 years old…sometimes  i feel like i stopped growing up emotionally 20 years ago…ugh if i continue at a snail’s pace by taking one class per semester, i won’t get my bachelor’s degree until 2020…other people my age or younger have incredible careers…and i’m still a clerical janitor aka a secretary (even though technically i’m a paralegal/legal assistant)…

anyway, i’m sickening myself because i feel guilty for complaining about all this stuff because i know i am lucky to have a job, have a wonderful husband and an amazing son…i’m lucky to have a place to live and food to eat…i am awash with “first world problems” guilt…


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