verbal directions


I’m generally not so good with processing verbal directions on the first try. And understandably, people find it frustrating to have to repeat the same instructions more than once. So when I tried to explain this to my boss this morning, however, he said that when he’s at my desk I should write down what he’s saying but that goes back to the core problem—-I stink at verbal directions. Even in school, when I would take notes, most of the time they would be useless and I would rely mostly on written materials and textbooks. I took an Intro to Political Science class during my first full semester of junior college and I ended up with a C in that class because it was almost entirely lecture based. We had a textbook (I’m not sure why since he didn’t teach the info in it) but since all his tests and all his assignments were based on lectures, I did a shitty job. Anyway, I get what my boss is saying but I don’t know how to convey that if he doesn’t want to end up repeating himself, he needs to write it down. I can process verbal directions, but it may take me a few more times of hearing them before it makes sense in my brain. The majority of the time I truly am doing my best to pay attention to what he’s saying (of course there are moments when I am tuning out, but I think that happens to everyone).


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