i don’t know what to call this…


All I know is that it’s been quite some time since I wrote in this blog. Honestly, I haven’t really written in any of my blogs and I pretty much avoid Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook for the most part. After four and a half years, I got a new job in November 2016. I basically traded one kind of crazy for another kind of crazy. Geez, the last time I wrote in this blog, PBO was still president! Those were the days! Now the Orange One is “President”…I am 35 years old now. I had been taking one college course per semester from 2013 til the semester that ended right as I started my current job in an attempt to try to eventually get my bachelor’s degree. I don’t think it would make sense given my current employment situation for me to try to take any courses at this point in time because I am currently the assistant to 2 very different attorneys, and I’m still adjusting to the new company, new procedures, new people etc. My little boy is not so little — he is 9 years old! We are going to family therapy since his tantrums seem to be getting angrier, more violent and increasingly difficult to manage.