Mid to Late 2009: I started this blog as a place to be honest about my pathetic, very much unrequited, infatuation w/ a dude that was entirely out of my league (initially all my posts were marked “private” but I subsequently erased all of those posts shortly thereafter.) Side note: I had been unhappily married since 2006…

Late November 2009: I started playing artwiculate which was a highly addictive twitter based word game (its format has changed and is not as much fun as it used to be), and quite soon, this blog had become filled with artwiculate related content (a lot of which is hidden from public view now).

January 2010: this dude with the twitter handle coinopratdchris started playing artwiculate and our interactions both related and unrelated to the game were funny, quirky, captivating and exciting. It was only a couple weeks into the new year but I had managed to accidentally fall in love with someone I had never met, who lived across the country in a state I’d never been to. Once I had figured this out, I sent a direct message to Chris telling him how I felt, but deleted it. Thankfully, he had his settings configured to send him email notifications for every direct message, so he received the message anyway, and let me know that the feelings were reciprocated.

Late January 2010: I told my then-husbot that it’s time to get a divorce. My relationship with Chris was not the sole reason— it just ended up being the catalyst for me doing something about ending a marriage that never should have happened in the first place. (The ex-husbot and I used to be best friends, and arguably we were always much better suited for friendship, than a romantic relationship but I digress…)

Anyway, to make a long story short: In May 2010, I moved to the East Coast into my first apartment with Chris. My divorce from the ex-husbot was finalized in October 2010. On January 20 2012, the coinoperatedcutebot wedding took place.

My son (born in 2008), in early posts was referred to as “babybot”, “toddlerbot”, “microbearbot” or some other variation of a small boy bot….He is 6 now, so I guess he’s my soon-to-be “firstgraderbot”…Anyway, his existence is the absolute best thing that ever resulted from my decade long relationship with his dad.

And if you’re wondering about where the name ultracutebot came from: my ex-husbot was/is obsessed with Transformers. I did and still do, (although not to the same extent as in the past) like Transformers, but I also like chibi robots like SD Gundam and just cute stuff in general like most things Hello Kitty and Tokidoki related.

Hence: ultra (for the intensity factor) cute (self explanatory) bot (duh, just explained that part, see previous paragraph).

Finally, sometimes I use the name ultracuteboticon because I think if I had to choose sides, I would be a Decepticon—-an ultra cute one at that. PhotobucketPS: There is an ultracutebot on Blogger…That’s also me.


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