idiomatic revisionism


In posts on my other blog, I’ve written that I feel like “I’ve been living under a rock” because I missed quite a few pop culture phenomena prior to 2010…And I realized, in my mind, that phrase has involuntarily undergone a bit of idiomatic revisionism… The phrase has become a bit of a perverse metaphor for the fact that I feel that I missed out on a lot of things (not just pop culture, things like interesting life experiences, opportunities for personal growth etc.) because I was far too focused on my tedious ex-husbot…he was a mundane, frequently unwashed rock that isolated me from the rest of the world… the decade we spent together was not too dissimilar from receiving a pet rock as a gift and keeping it because it was there and your room was less empty when it was around…That sounds terrible, I know…but we were good friends, in fact better friends than we were a romantic couple…and I miss his friendship, and the person he was…but ever since he met his current wife, he became (at least in my presence) a humorless, moss-covered rock who himself seems like he is living under a crazy, manipulative rock who basically has squeezed out most of the cool things about him, leaving him expressionless and sounding much more hollow than before…


i’m struggling, trying with all my might not to be upset, irritated etc…


my son just returned to pennsylvania from a month with his dad on the west coast—-i’m glad to have him home, that’s not what’s ticking me off…his stepmother sent me a 5-paged single spaced email w/ all of her observations and all her “recommendations” as to what treatment he needs etc. most of the things she said we already knew, many of her “tips” were things we already did…my son was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum last year and it so happens that her son has aspergers and so i know she’s had experience w/ specialists and what not but honestly, couldn’t she have waited a day? doesn’t she know that my little boy is going to be upset for a few days (minimum) because he misses his father—he needs to recover a little from the heartache, and i want to be there for him as much as i can because his heartache becomes my heartache so i’m sad too, so the first thing she does is send me a fucking novel via email…and for whatever reason, she wrote the email and forwarded it to my ex-husband and he forwarded it to me & my husband while cc-ing her, which just seems like a lot of work for no purpose, other than to possibly make it seem like he wrote the email instead of her (?) whatever…even if somehow miraculously he authored that email (which he didn’t) i’d still be pissed off and i’d still be mad and insulted…

addictive behavior, possible adult adhd, sleep deprivation, chronic punctuality problems


I was over an hour late to work today and I didn’t have a good explanation…I’m glad my boss didn’t ask me why I was late because the truth would be rather disappointing…Assuming that it’s a bonafide affliction, which I suspect it is, I think it’s rather likely that I have some degree of this in addition of course to all the other things that are wrong with me both physical and psychological in nature. I know I should being seeing a psychologist &/or therapist regularly, but it’s difficult enough to find time in my schedule to go to my psychiatrist appointments, especially since he doesn’t offer appointments after 4:30 p.m. and often the cutoff is earlier than that. Anyway, I’m currently addicted to taking trivia quizzes on FunTrivia and have also been quite obsessed with Flight of the Conchords and tweaking the layouts of my 3 non-political blogs and tweeting from both twitter accounts. Right now my body is tired, I can feel it…But part of me doesn’t want to go to sleep because I just keep thinking about the other things that I could be doing instead of sleeping. This habit of staying up to aimlessly wander the internet needs to stop. And here’s a novel idea: when I’m at work, I should focus on working not doing other stuff like composing multiple choice trivia quizzes.

Don’t ask me to help & then completely ignore…


So, I find myself very loosely tied to another political campaign but may withdraw any form of participation unless the candidate acknowledges the perfectly reasonable advice I’ve given & valid questions I’ve asked. Also, I let the editor of a online only local news publication know that this person is trying to run a write in campaign, and he was nice enough to email the
candidate & offered to run a campaign announcement for this dude, & instead of welcoming the free press, he commented on the geographical demographic targets of the news publication didn’t directly serve the areas within the gerrymandered legislative district he is trying to win. Additionally, I suggested that the candidate may want to contact EqualityPA and apply for their endorsement because they know how to effectively employ social media & treat candidates they endorse well, but he ignored & didn’t even acknowledge my suggestion. It’s not like I asked him to parade around in rainbow-striped assless chaps…

Just because you are stressed or unhappy…


or something that i do or don’t do irritates you, don’t fucking be passive aggressive and say insulting things indirectly—- just fucking say what you mean, don’t embarrass me and talk about “some people” when I’m standing right there…go fuck yourself…and as stated on twitter, yes, your current secretary can answer the phones and sometimes i suck at that, but it’s not because I don’t care, I just have trouble balancing things sometimes, and at least I get substantive work done…and i don’t get 80 million personal phone calls like your secretary does…don’t take your shit out on me…i know i may seem like a lowly poor peon to you but i do work hard and have to put in more hours than the other assistants/secretaries and am responsible for way more crap so FUCK YOURSELF

Since when did “Asian” become an eye color?


I clicked on the official Cabbage Patch Kids website this afternoon and was surprised by what I found. There is an option to sort the search results by “Eye Color”, allowing you to choose from the following:


Cabbage Patch - Eye Color

Hmmm…one of these things is not like the other..Blue, Brown, Green and Violet are all COLORS…Did I miss the memo about “Asian” becoming a color?! (If you’d like to see it for yourself, click here)

Cabbage Patch - Close Up Doll

While I appreciate that the makers of Cabbage Patch Kids were probably trying to be more inclusive by making this doll and trying to highlight its existence on the official Cabbage Patch Kids website, I couldn’t help but find this offensive and a little weird.

My son is in Kindergarten and despite having a diverse ethic make-up comprised of a combination of Swedish, Irish, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Filipino roots, at first glance most people probably see “Asian” kid. Children have already teased him in the form of pulling up the corners of their eyes, emphasizing that the shape of his eyes are different from theirs.

Listing “Asian” as an “Eye Color” is absurd because it obviously is an inaccurate categorization (eye color does not equal eye shape, DUH!) and it negates what possible good intentions the makers may have had by drawing unnecessary attention to the difference in eye shape, a bit like the insensitive children making “chinky eyes” in school.

it’s 1:22 a.m.


I found out this evening that Manan Trivedi is running for Congress in the PA-6 district for a third time which I’m excited about. However, Mike Parrish, a recent Republican turned Democrat is also running which may complicate matters for Dr. Trivedi. I can’t help but be cynical about Parrish since he donated $1,000 to the Romney presidential campaign & also donated to Tom Corbett’s first gubernatorial campaign. I just keep feeling like he’s a [GOP] wolf in [Dem] sheep’s clothing…I asked him via Twitter “what would you say to Dems like me who have trouble trusting someone who donated $1K to the Romney campaign?” and I have yet to receive a response…If I do get one, I’ll post it here.

Completely unrelated to the above, I watched the premiere of the Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon this evening & the gif below was one of my favorite moments. More gifs can be found here