idiomatic revisionism


In posts on my other blog, I’ve written that I feel like “I’ve been living under a rock” because I missed quite a few pop culture phenomena prior to 2010…And I realized, in my mind, that phrase has involuntarily undergone a bit of idiomatic revisionism… The phrase has become a bit of a perverse metaphor for the fact that I feel that I missed out on a lot of things (not just pop culture, things like interesting life experiences, opportunities for personal growth etc.) because I was far too focused on my tedious ex-husbot…he was a mundane, frequently unwashed rock that isolated me from the rest of the world… the decade we spent together was not too dissimilar from receiving a pet rock as a gift and keeping it because it was there and your room was less empty when it was around…That sounds terrible, I know…but we were good friends, in fact better friends than we were a romantic couple…and I miss his friendship, and the person he was…but ever since he met his current wife, he became (at least in my presence) a humorless, moss-covered rock who himself seems like he is living under a crazy, manipulative rock who basically has squeezed out most of the cool things about him, leaving him expressionless and sounding much more hollow than before…